Beating a bleak winter


Today the Government announced that the spread of Coronavirus is now out of control in the UK. In addition to this bleak news we also find half of the country now in tier 4. Christmas for many will not be a very merry one and new year doesn’t look much better. Not a lot to look forward to is there!

You would be forgiven if you just wanted to pull the duvet over your head and hibernate for the rest of winter, but we must keep calm and carry on! The roll-out of the new vaccine has started, so there is some light at the end of a very long tunnel. Before we get there though, we really do have a very bleak winter ahead of us.

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How can we beat the bleak winter?

Rule 1 – Don’t give up! If you have started a fitness journey you might be tempted to think ‘Christmas is only next week, I will start again in the new year’. Exercise not only keeps you fit, but it also helps with weight loss/maintenance, improves mental wellbeing and keeps you connected. Exercise can be adapted during the Christmas period and beyond to maybe a walk, run, bike ride, online PT or fitness session. You will be so glad you kept going!

Rule 2 – Wrap up! Maybe your gym or fitness studio is closed for Christmas or is closed under Government regulations but that’s no excuse to not keep fit! We know its cold, dark, wet and windy outside but wrapping up and exercising will help keep you focused. Maybe train/walk with a friend to motivate each other and keep connected.

Rule 3 – Start now! As with rule 1, you may be tempted to wait to start your fitness journey. There really is no time like the present to start. Gyms and fitness studios are offering online PT sessions and creating a bespoke program for you. Full support through remote tracking is also available.

Rule 4 – Push yourself and others– Pushing yourself to keep on track will help you get the results you want and expert personal trainers can help educate you to maintain those results. Could you be helping others? Affordable corporate personal training packages can help keep remote working businesses fit and connected. These packages work with all age ranges and abilities from those who haven’t set foot in a gym to the more active.

Rule 5 – Accept the situation and adapt – Coronavirus is showing no signs of leaving us right now. There is very little we can do to control this situation (other than following Government advice). We must commit to our health and fitness and adapt. One day very soon the lives we once knew will return. Until then don’t fight against it.

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