Aldford Studio

Our boutique style studio is a spacious environment for our clients to train in. Thanks to its rural setting, it allows us to truly deliver private personal training to our clients. Our state of the art equipment also ensures we consistently deliver first class training sessions to our clients.

Our studio also has a free private car park for our clients to use, which is situated directly outside for added convenience.

The studio location also provides us with easy access to large and quiet playing fields. In the summer we often make use of this space with our clients by combining your studio session with beautiful outdoor surroundings.

We have 2 individual modern changing rooms and showers available for our clients to use. They prove very popular for those who train before and after work!

Inside the studio we also have a complimentary protein bar for you to take advantage of a drink after your session and if you want to check any messages we also provide free WiFi.

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Aldford Studio

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