Online fitness – Does it work?


As we get further into our third lockdown many are finding this one the toughest yet. We have been hit with cold weather, snow and flooding. All of these elements have not exactly made for a particularly nice outdoor environment to workout in. With so many options now available online we look at if online PT can actually work.

The online workout market big business. There are lots of free and paid-for options available to choose from. From uploaded Youtube workouts to online PT exerts, the internet has it all.

Free content

Perfect for those who don’t want to invest in paying for their fitness workouts. It helps you move and stay active. There are some drawbacks to this content. Firstly, it is likely that the content of workouts won’t change that much, meaning the user may quickly become bored with the repetition and also not getting a full-body workout. Secondly, and most importantly is technique. It is very hard to ensure that your exercise technique is correct with uploaded free content. You may actually be doing yourself more damage than good, potentially leading to injuries.

Low cost paid-for content

For those wishing to invest a little into their fitness, this option gives the user fresh content on a more regular basis and in some cases interaction with a coach. Workouts tend to be delivered as either a live stream or access to a library of archived workouts. As well as some of the drawbacks mentioned with free content, you may not be getting a truly interactive experience with the fitness coach/PT. It may be difficult to stay focused and motivated more long term.

Expert 121 online PT

There is more of a financial commitment with 121 online PT but there are many more advantages. Firstly your session is just for you, at a time that works with your schedule. Your trainer will have conducted a health and fitness assessment in advance and developed a fitness plan for you to follow. Each session will be tailor-made to your ability, ensuring you get a truly interactive and engaging workout. The trainer also explains and demonstrates each exercise were needed to reduce injury. Online plans aren’t just about the actual workout. They also include:

  • Accountable expert PT
  • Weekly check-ins
  • Nutritional tracking
  • Access to a library of every exercise
  • Ongoing support via phone, text or email
  • Access to nutritious recipes

Expert online PT helps you stay on track, reach your goals and stay connected. It is the perfect solution to lockdown exercise restrictions.

Elysium Health and Fitness have studios in Chester and Tarporley, Cheshire, delivering online PT and fitness plans as mentioned above. For more information call 01244 620202 (Chester studio) or 01892 781685 (Tarporley) or email

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