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Our core mission:

“To be the place to work as a Personal Trainer, therefore be the place to go for personal training”

Elysium Health & Fitness Studios is getting a lot of attention as we are creating a new style of personal training that is completely unique in the fitness industry. It starts with a vision to change the personal training industry. This vision comes with risks but we feel we will attract the best personal trainers for our clients.

Now there are more Personal Trainers than ever, sadly the turnover and failure rate of personal trainers is huge! Approximately only 1 in 9 trainers will make it though their first year.  You maybe able to spot this if you monitor the Personal Trainer staff turnover in your commercial gym. The personal training industry is predominantly set up to fail and takes a very much chicken and the egg approach.

Loyalty is one of the biggest values the fitness industry fundamentally lacks. Most gyms rarely invest in their PT’s, so therefore, why would PT’s be loyal to the gyms? Can you blame PT’s leaving and moving on if they’re not being invested in, looked after and encouraged to grow/progress?

Many Gyms rent models or sales target models are to make money. They set impossibly high targets for new personal trainers, especially if they have had no previous sales or marketing experience.

Elysium’s mission is to become the place to work as a personal trainer. This means that our trainers receive a great education package, competitive pay & the scope to progress in the business, ultimately to managing their own private studio.

It is our commitment and investment in our PT’s that what makes our brand completely different. The only targets our PT’s get is results based – the way it should be!

Best Client Personal Training Sessions:

Our unique vision and training and development investment make our studios the best place to go for personal training.

Our trainers gain experience straight away, even our new trainers will probably conduct more PT in their first 6 weeks than most do their first 6 months working in any other gym.

It’s the reason why offer the most flexible PT services around. Creating offerings to suit your needs and budget.

We attract the best PT’s and deliver the best client experience. Our service levels have also been recognised at national level because our trainers love working with us much.

Get in touch:

PT’s: Please get in touch if you would like to find out more information about Elysium Fitness Studios and how you could work with us. 

Clients: If you are interested in finding out more about us please get in touch. Your first session is free or take advantage of our 3 sessions for £60 offer.

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Aldford – 01244 620 202

Tarporley – 01829 781 685


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