Ways to take time to work out at home


Whilst we are all hoping for good news from the Government on 22nd February regarding the lifting of lockdown restrictions, the reality is it may take a little longer before in-studio fitness can resume. So what do you do until then? If you have been braving the cold and exercising outside then keep going! There is nothing better than a bracing outdoor workout! For many of us though it feels too cold to even get the milk off the doorstep each day, let alone exercise.

Working from home

With the majority of us working from home at the moment, many are saving on the daily commute to and from work. This can allow some time to workout – even at lunchtime or after work. So what are the options?

Online fitness

There are so many resources available online now, paid or unpaid. You can choose from no cost YouTube workouts, paid for subscriptions to online 121 PT sessions. Usually, no equipment is required to complete these workouts. Just ensure you have a clear space to work out and that you thoroughly warm up before you start. For those who need a bit of help with exercise techniques, we have compiled a series of videos for each exercise to help you work out safely. Click here to access.

Homeschooling stress

So many people are homeschooling these days, this can be a particularly challenging time! Combine this with your own day job and there are very few hours left in the day. We recommended to maybe still try to take even 30 minutes of the day for you and look for online yoga, meditation or pilates to help mind, body and soul.

Healthy eating

It is very tempting right now to order takeout and have the extra biscuit each day or two. We understand, its winter and there is nowhere to go! However, spring is just around the corner with the hope of less rigid restrictions. Combining healthy eating and exercise will help keep you on track and focused. For help, we have compiled a series of exclusive delicious, healthy recipes. Click here to access and visit our website for further online books.

This lockdown will not last forever. Whatever you do, just keep moving in whatever way you can.

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