Tips to stay healthy in the November lockdown


Here we are again, the place where no-one wanted to be. Anxiety, fear, frustration and anger are some of the many things we are feeling right now. Lockdown version 2 will be tough. The nights are darker, the weather is colder and wetter. But there are several things you can do to keep focused to get through this.

OK, some of these tips may appear to be common sense, but it does us no harm to remind ourselves of them. You never know, they may help you, a friend or loved one.

Staying Healthy

  1. Sleep: Often sleep is disrupted due to significant changes and anxiety. Meditation apps like Headspace, Awakened Mind and Calm can help to relax the mind and may aid sleep.
  2. Bedtime routines: If you are furloughed with no work to get up for it is tempting to go to bed late and wake up late. Setting a regular bedtime and setting an alarm to wake up in the morning will help give you a routine each day to stick to.
  3. Get Dressed: Sitting around in your PJ’s all day is tempting. They are comfortable and you aren’t going to be seeing anyone. Getting dressed each day again gives you a routine and psychologically sets you up for the day (no matter how limited your daily activities may be at the moment)
  4. Personal hygiene: Skipping your daily shower and a hair wash will only make you feel sluggish and tired. A refreshing shower will help wake you up and focus on the day ahead. Same applies to your hair, regular hair washing and styling makes you feel like you again.
  5. Food! Another aspect that is tempting is to treat lockdown as the opportunity to eat more. However, those treat days become treat weeks and before you know it you are living in stretchy pants and PJ’s, feeling bloated and tired. Only shop for foods you need, there is no need to stockpile. There are plenty of delicious healthy fruits and vegetables to enjoy. Stuck for recipe ideas? Take a look at our Elysium Recipe Book for healthy inspiration. Visit our website and choose Our Services for a library of our recipe books.
  6. Exercise: So probably the biggest tip we can offer is to exercise! We cannot get into the gym at the moment, so our homes and the great outdoors become our gyms. Working out helps us keep physically fit but also mentally fit. Interaction with others may be limited but if possible get outdoors with a friend for a walk, a bike ride, dog walk or run. Even if you can’t go with a friend, just being outdoors can really help clear your mind and keep you focused. YouTube is full of home workouts, or maybe there is an old fitness DVD in the back of the cupboard you could do, just do it. Elysium is also offering a range of online PT sessions and affordable pay as you go classes are coming soon.
  7. Home Gym Equipment: OK so we know that these items are like gold dust right now. But if you can get hold of a kettlebell, skipping rope or weight or two it will make a big difference to your workout.
  8. Keep Connected: It is so important to keep connected to friends and family. As humans, we aren’t meant to be on our own. Look out for those you love, whether it be through Zoom, video chats or a good old fashioned phone call. It means more to people than you think.
  9. Be kind to yourself: Whatever your personal circumstances it is vitally important to be kind to yourself and take time out. It doesn’t have to be a big personal gesture, maybe a walk on your own, a long soak in the bath or a chat to a friend.

The key thing to remember is that we are in this together. This will pass and will be a distant bad memory. Taking time to be kind to yourself is vitally important right now.

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