Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

Last updated: 21st May 2018.

Welcome to our website, and thank you for your interest in Elysium Health and Fitness (“Elysium”). Our registered address is ELYSIUM HEALTH AND FITNESS, Chester Road, Aldford, Chester, CH3 6HJ.

These terms and conditions (T&Cs) set out the rules you agree to when choosing to engage with our company or the information it provides, whether that it is through this website or by other means (such as social media, email or telephone).

Please note that these T&Cs apply whether you choose to engage with our company as an individual or on behalf of a business.

1. Use of this website and its content

Elysium Health and Fitness owns and manages the website

We have created these websites to supply information about our company, products and services, and in some cases, to provide paid services to our customers. You must not misuse or interfere with them.

You may use our websites only as permitted by UK government law, or the laws of the jurisdiction where you live. You must also adhere to any international laws or regulations that apply to your digital and online conduct when you are using our websites.

Except where we state otherwise, we retain copyright and intellectual property of all content on our websites. You must seek permission from us if you wish to use any of our content for your own purposes, such as on other websites or printed materials. You can do this by contacting our website administrator at

We endeavour to abide by other content providers’ copyrights. If you believe we have infringed on any copyrights held by either yourself or another content provider, we ask that you let us know by emailing and we will seek to investigate and, if appropriate, correct this.

2. Information we supply

Elysium supplies information about our company, its products and services, our customers, and our industry through many different channels. This includes on this website and our other websites, social media, over personal conversations (for example, over telephone, email or face-to-face meetings), and in printed materials (either created and supplied directly by us or by third parties).

Although we try to verify that all the information we supply is correct at the time we make it available, we cannot guarantee the ongoing accuracy of that information over time. You should therefore seek to verify any information we supply by your own means. This may include checking with Elysium directly as to the accuracy of information supplied by us in the past.

We review and change our products and services regularly to meet customer demand. Although we try to keep all information about our products and services up to date throughout all our communication channels, it is possible that inaccurate information may still be present. We recommend you check us directly that you have the most up to date and accurate information available about our products and services.

If you believe you have come across inaccurate, misleading or outdated information on any of our communication channels, please notify us by emailing

In all cases, to the extent permitted by law, your use and distribution of information supplied by us is done so at your own risk. Elysium will not be held liable for damages or losses – including for indirect or direct financial losses – relating to your use or distribution of information gained through our communication channels.

3. Our use of social media and online directories

As part of our marketing and communication channels, we use social media to engage with our customers, stakeholders and other individuals or companies that relate to our business and the products and services that we supply.

The social media channels we use, and our company’s current profiles, are:

  • Facebook:
  • Twitter:

We may also list our company details on online directories to provide our customers with more ways of finding out about us online.

We use social media platforms and online directories in accordance with the terms set out by the respective provider. We also provide training to our staff on how to use these channels effectively, courteously and responsibly in relation to our business goals and activities.

Some social media sites allow individuals to associate their private accounts or profiles with our company’s profile (for example, by listing themselves as an employee of Elysium). We always seek to verify any such association made to our company by any individual profile on social media, and we will use our best efforts to remove any instance of an association that is not accurate. However, even where the association made to our company is accurate, we cannot be held responsible for any individual’s use and conduct on using their private social media profiles.

If you are uncertain as to the authenticity of any social media profile or online directory’s connection with Elysium, we recommend you get in touch with us by emailing to verify it before engaging with that profile.

We are committed to investigating all reports of abuse or inappropriate conduct on any social media or online directory made by any user associated with our company’s profile.

If you believe that any individual on social media associated with Elysium has abused that channel or used it inappropriately (either by our T&Cs here or the respective social media provider’s terms of use), we ask that you report it to both the respective social media provider and to Elysium by emailing

4. Processing of your Personal data

Elysium collects information about you when you request additional information about our company, its products and services.

We use this information to process any product or service enquiries, including for downloading brochures, arranging product demonstrations, providing quotations, call backs and fulfilment of any orders you place with us.

Although we need your personal information to process any requests for information, you have the right to request that we remove your personal information at any time. However please be aware that we may not be able to assist you with your requests without processing your personal information.

If you are an existing customer, we also use your personal information to answer any support requests you make. We keep records of your previous support requests so that we can personalise your ongoing use of our support services and tailor our products and services to you in the future.

We use plug-ins on this website and our other websites to provide additional features for a better visitor experience, such as for our visitor contact and brochure request forms, as well as our live chat features. These plug-ins may ask you to enter your personal information before you can use them. We are committed to regularly reviewing the privacy policies of our plug-in providers to be sure they process your data fairly and securely as you use these features of our website.

In all cases, we will not share your information with any external companies or organisations for marketing purposes.

Elysium is committed to processing your data securely and transparently, as we have set out in our Privacy Notice.

5. Marketing

We would like to send you information about our company and its products and services that we think may be of interest to you.

To receive marketing communications from us, you must give consent to us holding your personal information for this purpose. You can do this by register to our email mailing list and/or asking us to hold your personal information so that we can send you news and information that we think may be of interest to you.

We are committed to only contacting you for marketing using the contact methods you choose.

If you consent to receive marketing communications from us, you also have the right to stop marketing communications from us at any time.

To remove your details from our emailing lists, please click here.

To remove your details from our other marketing databases, please email us at

Elysium is committed to processing your data securely and transparently, as we have set out in our Privacy Notice.

6. About these terms and conditions

We may modify these T&Cs to reflect changes to applicable laws, our business, or our services.

At different points when you request information from our company, you may receive additional T&Cs from Elysium that relate specifically to our fulfilment of that request. For example, you may receive additional T&Cs from us for the supply of a written product quotation. These additional T&Cs should be regarded as supplementary and equal to the ones outlined here.

If you or the business you work for choose to purchase any of the products and paid services, it is possible that you and Elysium will enter a different written agreement for our supply of your order. This will control the T&Cs under which we permit you to use and access our products and paid services. Where there is a conflict between the T&Cs for the supply of your order and the T&Cs set out here, the T&Cs for our supply of products and paid services to you or your business shall supersede these ones.

You can contact us by calling 01244 620 202, emailing, or writing to us at our business address, which is: ELYSIUM HEALTH AND FITNESS, Chester Road, Aldford, Chester, CH3 6HJ

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