Taking the fear out of personal training


We know that for some people they may a bit worried about training in a new gym. You may be wondering about what to expect, will be it intimidating or maybe it is full of toned gods and goddesses!

To help ease any worries you or someone you know may have about personal training, we have compiled the following guide which we hope answers any questions you may have.

I’m worried everyone will be looking at me: Thanks to the private settings of our fitness studios you will be training one on one with one of our highly experienced personal trainers. Check out our locations

I am worried the personal trainer will be judging me on my weight/lack of fitness: Our job is to make you feel at ease and to work to develop goals for you to reach. There is no judgment at our fitness studios, we will support you 100% to reach your goals.

I don’t think I can afford to be a member and commit to my fitness plan: Firstly there are no joining fees with Elysium and you can cancel whenever you wish. We have 3 levels of packages available for all, Gold, Silver and Bronze and we also run special offers for discounted sessions per week.

I eat a lot of the wrong foods and don’t know where to start with nutrition: As well as being experienced personal trainers we can also help with nutritional advice and meal planning. We even have our own recipe book to give you some ideas for mealtimes.

I have tried PT’s before and found the session boring, why should it be different this time? Each session we carry out is planned in advance and is bespoke to each client’s needs. We guarantee that each session is fun and interactive.

I think I am too old to work out at a fitness studio: You are never too old! We work with people on a daily basis of varying ages. We will ensure your bespoke fitness plan and sessions are right for you and your physical abilities.

I have an injury, I am worried personal training might make it worse: Our team of personal trainers have weekly educational sessions with industry-related people and groups to keep us up to date with information relating to medical, anatomy and rehabilitation techniques. When you first join us we will carry out a full APM report (Assess, Program, Monitor) which includes any injuries and we will tailor a plan to suit your needs.

Gym equipment looks complicated to use: We will demonstrate each piece of machinery before you use it and stay with you throughout to ensure you are carrying out the exercise safely and correctly.

I only have time to train before work and need a shower after a workout: We have great shower facilities, towels, hairdryers etc!

We hope we have helped with some of your common fears/questions about personal training in fitness studios. If you have any further questions then drop us an email at or drop us a DM.

FIRST FREE SESSION: Why not try us for free or take advantage of 3 sessions for £60. It is time to make a change for life.

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