Special offers on sessions to keep your wallet in shape too


Have you been following us on Facebook or Instagram and thought that one day you will give us a go and book a few sessions? Now you can finally can as we are launching our discounted offer sessions each week on our general Facebook and Instagram pages.  The training session still remains the same great bespoke experience we always offer, but just a bit friendlier on the pocket! 

When you become an Elysium member, as well as receiving a continuously analysed workout plan you can join our exclusive members-only group which entitles you to receive our weekly discounted offers sessions 24 hours before we release them publicly. 

What can you expect when you become a member of Elysium?  

As well as designing a bespoke workout session for you, once you join us we will conduct our Elysium APM (Analysis, Performance, and Monitor) report including body measurements, lifestyle analysis, give you a diet plan and set goals. Once each session is over, we will continue to track your progress, set new goals, and remotely track your food diary. We will then tailor your next session in advance, to ensure you get the most from each session. We are always available to provide our full support, even when you aren’t in the studio with us. 

Look out for our weekly discounted sessions posted each Monday on Facebook and Instagram or drop us a DM. 

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