A gym might not be for everyone



For somebody just starting a new training program, going the gym can be very unnerving or even off putting experience.
Some people can find that being surrounded by lots of people in gym wear and training can make them feel like they are being watched and make them uncomfortable. It can also put people off going in certain areas and their programs for example its common some woman don’t want to venture into the free weights area of a gym.
Training in a studio one to one with a fitness professional dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and get results can be a great way to get started.
Some of our feedback from people that are coming to us think that training in a place with nobody else is great because it makes them feel at ease and comfortable.


This point is more about a benefit of personal training in general than an actual studio however I often get told by clients that if they didn’t have a session booked in with us than they admit they probably wouldn’t train.
As constancy is key to achieving success with your results, if you find yourself being very time poor having one/two/three sessions per week with somebody who is relying on you to turn up and see them makes a really big impact on your own commitment to train.

Equipment Availability

Never mind as a gym member but even when I was a personal trainer in a commercial gym it’s a nightmare getting on equipment especially at peak times and very often had to adapt and change my plan with that client.
In a studio all programs can be completed effectively, efficiently therefore getting the most out of session instead of waiting long periods of time for availability of equipment.
We always make it our priority to make you the most important person in the room and delivering excellence.  If you want to experience what personal training is like in a private studio and how we can help you.
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