Do you dread Mondays..?


By Steve Chaney

Make Monday and the rest of your week 100 times better with some planning and preparation!

This post is about taking action and executing the following tasks, so as soon as you finish reading this post I want you to actually do them.

If you want to achieve a particular goal, whether its fat loss/weight loss/body composition or the goal is performance-based you need to take action. If you are reading this and want to achieve the above but you’ve watched Netflix for the last 3 hours and intend on watching another 2 hours… How important is your goal to you?

I’m not going to tell anything new, in fact it’s all everything you will know anyway. We all have common knowledge but some don’t have common practice and the aim of this post is for you to get up and action and execute the following tasks.

Task 1 – Schedule

Get your diary out whether you’re using a mobile calendar or even good old fashioned pen & paper but make sure you plan what times you are going to train just like its an appointment and if you want to go an extra step plan what time you are going to do your meal prep.

Make sure you know what you are going to do when you do train.

Task 2 – Gym/training prep

Get your training gear sorted for whatever you are going to do… I know it sounds stupid but knowing it and doing it is completely different. If your going the gym a basic kit list for you is the following items: Gym bag, T-shirt/top, Shorts/joggers/leggings, headphones, padlock, big towel (shower), little towel (sweat), trainers, spare socks & underwear. I’ve done that to minimise forgetting anything as there is nothing worse than getting the gym and forgetting something.

When you’ve packed it, go and put it in the boot of your car or in the place you will take it with you.

Task 3 – Meal prep

Use one hour today to get the food ready for tomorrow or even the next couple of days.
I personally keep it simple and go with chicken, rice & veg and use some kind of sauce to spice it up which usually takes me around 40 mins to prepare. So if you haven’t got your food in the house, physically go after this post and go and get it, if you have let’s get in the kitchen and get started!

If you complete those 3 tasks I guarantee you will have a much better Monday and if you repeat, you’ll have a great week!

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