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Take ownership of your fitness journey

At Elysium, we offer the most private and exclusive personal training experience possible, allowing you to become healthier, your way. It’s our guarantee that you will achieve your desired fitness results by following our individually tailored program.

That’s why we’re offering an entirely free taster session to get you started.

Our service includes access to our private personal training studios in Aldford or Tarporley, the support of our passionate trainers in helping you reach your goals, and our state-of-the-art software so you can access your unique training programme.


“I don’t have the time to get fitter”

I get it. You’re busy with work, family and everything in between. You don’t have the time to visit a cramped, sweaty public gym four nights a week in the hope of maybe seeing some results after a few months of training.

What if you had a private personal training program built entirely around your individual health and fitness needs? What if you could organise your exercise needs to fit perfectly around your busy schedule? What if your personal trainer helped you fix your diet, not just your training?

Would you have the time then?

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Imagine yourself after 6 months of training with Elysium…

You wake up full of energy, looking amazing and feeling even better. You’re looking forward to the parts of your day that used to stress you out. Your diet is under control. You can’t wait for your next PT session, knowing how much progress you’ve already made. You’re even more excited about being able to show off your results somewhere tropical on your next holiday. You’re as motivated as you’ve ever been.

Turn your imaginations into reality with Elysium Health & Fitness. Start today by claiming your free taster session.


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