Benefits of PT in a Private Studio


There is a variety of ways that people train with a personal trainer. This could be in the home, with a friend or in a gym. So why should you choose to train in a private studio? 

First and foremost private PT studios are just that, private. Our clients like the private environment we have created in our studios as it eliminates the feeling of being self-conscious in a large busy environment like a gym.  Also, the equipment you may need to use as part of your session in the gym could be used by other gym members. Our well equipped private PT studios eliminate these problems and allow us to execute the client’s fitness plan a lot more effectively than say if they were in a commercial gym. 


Home-based and gym based PT sessions are generally carried out by the same personal trainer, therefore clients will often miss out on the variety and different skills of using a team of PTs at a private gym. What happens when your PT is on holiday or ill? There is nothing worse than settling into a regular fitness routine and your trainer is unavailable for a few weeks. We can help eliminate this risk through our experienced team of PT’s who can ensure your training and fitness goals remain consistent and on track.


Personal trainers will have an hourly set fee and in case of gym-based PT’s you need to factor in joining fees and membership, making it a costly option. At Elysium Fitness Studios there are no joining fees and your membership package can be cancelled at any time. We have three levels of packages for clients to choose from:

Gold – Priority is given to train at peak times. Also, enjoy a range of Gold standard benefits. 1 session a week = £50. 2 sessions a week = £45 3 sessions a week – £40

Silver – The ideal package for those who like routine and can train during our quieter periods. 1 session a week = £35 2 or more sessions per week = £30

Bronze – Allows you to book sessions week by week. Ideal for those who are flexible. 1 session a week = £25 2 or more sessions per week = £20

Special Offers: We also offer our members special discounted offer sessions which we announce at the end of each week on our Facebook page.

Body Sculpt Programmes:

With your commitment and dedication, we can transform your body and eating habits for life. Train with us 5 times a week and receive our full support in and out of the studio. Contact us about our on and off-peak programmes.

Why not give Elysium Fitness Studios a try and get your first session for free. You can also benefit from your first 3 sessions for just £60 to get a better feel for how we do things.

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